• How much water storage capacity should I need for four people in family?Information

    For showering, SP35 Mini-Storage is enohgh to use. If you like to take bath, 30~50 gallons is advised. 
  • I like to enjoy SPA at home,which kind of electric water heater meets my needs?Information

    Storage electric water heater series have big capacity and extra-thin-wall design. 
    If you like to take bath and SPA, we recommend you to chose 30~50 gallons and install out the bathroom. 
  • I want an electric water heater with water storage function but not take up much space. Which kind of heater suit me well?Information

    Mini Storage Water Heater series are good for you. They combine the characteristics of Instant series and Storage series. It dose not occupy space and more suitable for family.
  • What kind of electric water heaters can save the space, come out with hot water immediately and do not have the limit of water and people.Information

    All series of Instant Electric Water Heaters are meeting your needs.
  • How many different types of elecrtic water heater can I choose?Information

    We provide three different types of heaters as follow:

    Instant electric water heater
    Storage electric water heater
    Mini storage electric water heate