• What's the lifespan of a SUPER GUIDER electric water heater?Information

    SUPER GUIDER provide 1 year free service guarantee,base on stable voltage、water pressure and  normal water quality. 
    We suggest replacing a SUPER GUIDER electric water heater after using for 5 years.
    You can have special discount by replacing an electric water heater,that has been used over 5 years!
  • Dose storage electric water heater have any model with timer device ?Information

    Yes, it belongs to custom-made product, from 8 gallons to 50  gallons.
    It can also install the timer device from outside.
  • How much water pressure should my house have to install electric water heaters ?Information

    Super Guider electric water heater need 0.3~0.4kgf/cm water pressure to operate.
    If your house dose not have enough water pressure, you can install  a booster to solve the problem.
    Super Guider LED serises can also operate in low water pressure by the way. 
  • It comes out cold water in the forepart when I use a gas water heater. Will it have the same problem as electric water heaters?Information

    You will meet the same problem, if the water pipe is too long. 
    To have the best bathing experiences, we suggest installing the electric water heater in the bathroom.
  • Will it have any technical problem when I change gas water heater to electric water heater?Information

    Our technical staff are trained  professionally. They will ask you for permission before they start to install the electric water heater.  
  • The mini storage water heater is quite small. Dose it have enough hot water to use?Information

    Our mini storage water heaters use the latest heating techniques which allow evenly heat-up of water. They can provide 40°C hot water over 80 liters in 15 minutes.
  • Dose an instant electric water heater consume a lot of electricity?Information

    Although our product use 220 volt power, it doesn't need to heat up previously only when you are using the hot water. So it very saves power and unlimited the number of users.
  • What is Mini Storage Water Heater?Information

    Our SP28 and SP35 Mini Storage Water Heaters can work with gas water heaters or solar water heaters to improve heating efficiency. They can also operate independently.