• Feb06

    2024 Chinese New Year Holidays Notification

    Our office and factory will be closed from Feb 8 to Fed 14 for the Chinese New Year.

  • Aug08

    Super Guider: A Leading Brand of Electric Water Heaters Since 1981

    Super Guider has been a trusted name in electric water heaters since it was established in 1981. With over three decades of experience, the company has become one of the leading brands of electric water heaters in Taiwan. Super Guider is not only well-known among domestic customers but has also won warm praise from customers worldwide, making it a global brand.


What is Mini Storage Water Heater?

Our SP28 and SP35 Mini Storage Water Heaters can work with gas water heaters or solar water heaters to improve heating efficiency. They can also operate independently.




Super Guider  is one of the leading brands of electric water heater in Taiwan since 1981,
throughout the years, not only is well-known by domestic customers,
but also has won warm praise from worldwide customers.

International Certification