Super Guider - Your Smart Choice


icon Single point usage – shower only
icon Multipoint usage – bathing, showering and washing in basin at the same time!

Long Durability
icon 5 ~ 8 years under fine water quality, stable voltage and water pressure
icon Copper and stainless steel-made metal components enable longer lifespan and prevent rust

Smartly Economical
icon Space saving – exquisite
icon Time-saving – instant heat up upon turning on of hot water
icon Electric saving – starts heating only when faucet turns to hot water

Multiple Safety Devices
icon No carbon monoxide when installed inside bathroom or any confined space
icon Fire retardant – nylon parts are endurable of up to 230°C, 76°C for ABS parts
icon Splash proof – water seal lining complies with IP24 standard which avoids water contact with electricity and cause electrocution

Guaranteed Quality

icon National standard of CNS
icon National Standard Precision Instrument Testing
icon ŸISO 9001 International Quality Assurance Certificate